Breakfast @ APTE

38 Heidelberg Rd
Alphington, 3078
03 9482 2991

It was 9am and I had just had my breakfast – a tame one might I add – when Ms BL messages me re: breakfast @ APTE. How could one refuse a second more stimulating breakfast? So in 5 minutes I brush my teeth, dress and leave the house… I’ve been meaning to acquaint myself with this suburban breakfast gem, ever since reading reviews from Breakfast Blog, rating it a rare 20/20 back in 2007. I realise there is a 4 year lag time, but what-the-heck!

Our arrival is greeted by a friendly waitress, who informs us there is a short wait, due to a strict maximum limit of 48 people on the premises. It draws in quite the weekend suburban crowd, but a $100,000 fine for disregarding this restriction? Anyone find that somewhat ludicrous?

Anyways, that aside, we were ushered to one of the heavy wooden communal tables, with diners seemingly ‘obligatorily’ spaced out. There was clear view of the sunshine gleaming through the front, illuminating splashes of floral colour and artworks sprawled across the white washed walls. Unbeknownst to me, the courtyard apparently is quite the drawcard here – maybe next time?

Latte – robust roasted bitterness, but not so much creamy. Standard coffee art.

Scrambled eggs on sourdough – golden gooey eggs is what one expects from a great breakfast joint, but I am sad to say they lacked that buttery creaminess, and fails to come apart in soft, fluffy layers. No doubt, it has been left a minute or two too long on the stove.

APTE big breakfast – a fairly typical balanced Aussie breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, bangers (sausage), mushrooms, and house-made relish. The sausage was tender, juicy and gorgeously meaty. The house-made relish was a sweet tomato concoction – delicious. And the mushrooms were nicely caramelised. The eggs however, had the same seething problem.

Birscher muesli – a simple but endlessly deep bowl of muesli topped with a creamy honey yoghurt, crunchy slices of almond, juicy bits of raisins and currant. A drizzle of vanilla and berry sauce added a sweet element. Being relatively lactose intolerant, if I had plowed through all that yoghurt on my own I certainly would have had stomach upset =P.

There’s also a selection of house-made cakes and treats.

Rating: passably Yummy. Rather disappointingly lacklustre, although I did arrive with quite high expectations. After a quick google, I discovered from Broadsheet that APTE has in fact changed hands, which leaves one to wonder… hmm. Staff were warm, and is nonetheless a pleasant place for a late morning catch up.

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3 Responses to “Breakfast @ APTE”
  1. Why is there a limit????

  2. Ashley says:

    Hmmm, APTE is close to me and I have always considered visiting, but have been put off by reviews of so-so eggs (and I’m all about the eggs). Might keep it down a bit further on the priority list…:c

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