Matteo’s – another day, another dessert

Another day, another dessert for the palate … the sweet life!

533 Brunswick St
Nth Fitzroy
03 9481 1177

As you walk through the unassuming glass doors, you enter a space filled with a supple bronze hue which bounces a warm glow off the floral designs against the walls. It is a quiet Sunday night, with only a few tables occupied, so we are quickly and politely ushered to a table upon entry. We order as per our dessert Queen Ms JG’s past dining experiences here… what an easy life to just wait to eat.

Brendan’s Golden Gaytime – A wondrous envelope of golden fairy dust, with the sweetness of honeycomb with a subtle saltiness of toffee, instantly melts in your mouth for an delicate explosion on the palate. The ice cream terrine is smooth, creamy and has a supple note of vanilla to complement the golden powder. A stick of buttery biscuit protrudes from one end of the block – presumably the ‘wooden-stick’ of the ice cream. Apparently there’s a nostalgic element to this dessert, given its resemblance to the 1960’s Street’s ‘Golden Gaytime’ supermarket ice cream. I personally have no real memories of this – sad I know.

Tropical fruit trifle – With juicy chunks of mango within the creamy custard, a deep-beetroot-coloured raspberry jelly for a little tartness, a sugary layer of jellied lychee to contrast, and a sorbet of lemongrass for a tangy kick – this summery dessert certainly provides a blend of many refreshing fruity flavours. But, I find I appreciate the subtleties of each element on its own more than as a whole – which is rather unfortunate.

We also enjoyed a dessert-matched glass of sweet-floral, honeyed and citrusy ’08 Gandia Moscatel Fusta Nova, from the coastal city of Valencia, Spain – married perfectly with the golden gaytime!!!

Rating: somewhere between yummy & yummy+1. I only wish I could remember the Golden Gaytime, maybe I should attempt to find it in the supermarket … [Note] An upgraded rating of Yummy+2 from a subsequent visit has been given, so do check it out.

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11 Responses to “Matteo’s – another day, another dessert”
  1. Michelle says:

    Envy. I never had gg before!

  2. Miss jh says:

    Omg uve never had gaytime??? It’s the best!! Ur missing out. Is the place only good for desserts?

  3. Miss jh says:

    Forgot to add that the desserts look amazingly scrumptious. Pity that you don’t rly rate it …

  4. Hannah says:

    AS someone for whom dessert is the best part of a meal, and who adored Golden Gaytimes as a kid… I’m a bit in love with this post. And I think I’ll have to buy a Golden Gaytime, as Canberra is rather far from Fitzroy!

  5. Oh hello! I haven’t had a GG in so long….and this is certainly promoting a visit to my local milk bar- yes, there still a few rare one’s around these days 🙂

  6. hannah – hahaha well when u fly down, u’ll have a LOT of places on your list to eat then =P.

    adrian – lucky YOU, you can remember eating GG =P. I can’t, hrpmh.

  7. Almost Always Ravenous says:

    Oooh, even though there is flooding happening in Queensland it doesn’t affect da lychees coz they grow on trees.

  8. Thanh says:

    Classic childhood desserts are now being reinvented at top restaurants. I think I would like the Gaytime, as I loved the original ice cream.

    Yeah man, be more firm in your reviews and none of these in between opinions 🙂

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