eat, laugh and be married

Weddings are the ultimate institution of uniting two people, and is a time of tremendous joy and emotion – the exchange of vows, the reels of beautiful photography and not to mention the hugely stressful hustle and bustle. Yet it is hard to find a frown upon any face.

In planning for over a year, one of our family friend’s finally got married at a charming reception in Brighton. I thought I’d share with you a few moments, and also the wonderful food they had. =)

The International Reception
81 Bay Street, Brighton

“… Contemporary chic… [transported] into a world of theatre and drama with mirrored walls, romantic linen drapery, diffused lighting and bold wall panelling. … [T]ogether with its manicured gardens and romantic private courtyard, make this one of Melbourne’s leading boutique venues…” [1]

I couldn’t have described it any better myself =).

“Eat, laugh and be married” – isn’t that the most perfect wedding motto!!! 

Crystal Palace (catering)
3602/8 Franklin Street, Melbourne
03 9650 9333

Anyways, so a few snapshots of the delicious food catered by good ol’ Crystal Palace.

Left to right: Suckling pig, jellyfish, peking duck.

Shark fin and crab infused soup – actually quite a decent amount of sharkfin at the bottom of the bowl… mmm, more please!

A gigantic half-Lobster on a bed of egg noodles!!! I likely had 2+ portions – mum and sister could not finish theirs.

Tender, juicy bite of meat – oh-my-god LOVE it!

Braised quail.

Dessert selection of 3 mousse shots – a refreshing way to end the night. I was bummed out when I realised I missed out on the wedding cake, sobs!

Left to right: Strawberry, mango, espresso.

Rating: Yummy, yummy+1 for the sheer decadence and high quality of tonights ingredients as a catered event =). It is always difficult giving a just rating for catered food, but I truly enjoyed the food, no doubt influenced by the joy around…

3 Responses to “eat, laugh and be married”
  1. wow! I want that lobster dish….. beautiful photos for a beautiful day

  2. I spot a PACMAN! Nice wedding pictures. 🙂

  3. Almost Always Ravenous Follower says:

    Awww, ya poor baby ya missed the wedding cake.

    I just adore this post.

    I luv lobster noodles + they look delicious, lucky ya had two + serves.

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