Creperie Le Triskel – Morning Chomp-Fest Part 2

32 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, 3000

It is 11.30am. The three of us had just had breakfast, and now strolling leisurely towards the other end of Hardware (lane) for stop #2: brunch, or can I not call it that since we already had a meal? Whilst me and Mr ES indecisively browsed the menu from top to bottom, from front to back and then back again in reverse order, Mr CK was apparently already full and remarked that he will likely feel nauseated when the food comes – I scoff, WHAT? Full? Nauseated? NEVER!!! =P

For a good 10 minutes we were able to park ourselves on an outside table, basking in a little morning warmth and fresh air. The moment was gone when our noses detected smoke in the air, and we reluctantly sought cover inside. But just as well we did =P, otherwise I would’ve missed my opportunity to snap away at the interior décor. The scatter of French books and magazines, a rather patriotic map of France, unmistakable chatter in French and watching them work their magic on the crepe stove – certainly elicited warmth from the space.

Mr ES had: Warm raspberry puree, melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream. On a quarter folded crepe lay a dollop of vanilla ice cream laden with splashes of luminous red puree and drizzles of dark brown chocolate. Crepe was delicate, ice cream was deliciously creamy, but I found overall it was a little too sweet for my personal liking – wonder if I’m just having overdose of sweets these days *ahem decadent brioche no more than 30minutes ago.

I had La Suzon, with orange marmalade, Melted chocolate, Grand Marnier, and FIRE. No, that is no typo, it actually does read FIRE! The manager (presumably) came over with the crepe in one hand and a small metallic cup of Grand Marnier in the other. A quick pre-warning to have my camera ready had me frantically fiddling with my camera, before he quickly poured the alcohol over the crepe, then a swift spark off by a lighter, and the crepe was alight in glory. The flame slowly evaporated the alcohol content, leaving a beautiful orange essence behind and adding the slightest burn to the crepe. The slices of sweet chewy orange, drizzle of dark chocolate, and a layer of marmalade sandwiched between the folded crepe – gave a multitude of bitter-sweet punches on the palate. Absolutely divine! [left photo courtesy of Mr CK]

Rating: Yummy+1, at least for my awesome La Suzon anyways. I could definitely do with more of these FIREsinged crepes. And contrary to the signage (look closely at the first photo on the top left) declaring they are “arrogantly French”, the waiters were quite welcoming and jovial.

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2 Responses to “Creperie Le Triskel – Morning Chomp-Fest Part 2”
  1. My sister will surely love this place!

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