Miss Marples Tearoom

382 Mt Dandenong-Tourist Road
Sassafras 3787
9755 1610

Despite coming through Mt Dandenong fairly frequently, I have – sadly to say – only visited Miss Marples three times including this current one. This is in part owing to their early closing times and epic tourist crowds during weekends.

This was the start of a quick day trip in the area. After some short-lived heavy pattering against our windscreen in the early hours of the day (*ahem* early in holidays terms at least), we were rather pessimistic re our endeavour to take in some of Mount Dandenong’s spectacular scenery. So, plan B: head over to Miss Marples to enjoy some charming scones whilst we wait out the weather. Inside, it is in fact quite the cosy cottage, now with the added touch of green and red Christmas festivities.

Left: Mushroom soup – the soup of the day though not so appealing in appearance, had hell-of-a-lot of rustic flavours, beautiful earthiness and umami (aka savouriness) coming through the creamy soup to compensate. Delish!

Right: Assortment of fingers – demonstrated extremely simple flavours with crispy fingers of bread layered with most of the ingredients disappearing (both literally and in flavour-presence) under the melted cheese and tomato paste. These ‘famous-fingers’ seemed to me more like kids-party-food, yummy kids food at that.

Left: Fish and chips – had an agreeably light batter giving a crispy exterior, with a moist and succulent white-flesh underneath. This was accompanied with a light vinaigrette dressed salad.

Right: Scones (plain & fruit) – Finally it was time for the much raved about scones, which have been etched in my memory as heavenly fluffy and moist. Upon arrival at the table though I was soon to discover these long-awaited scones would not live up to my fond memories. They were simply not as fluffy, a tad dry and even the cream was not quite as creamy or perfectly whipped. To be fair though they aren’t terrible, the jam was fabulous, but they simply did not live up to my recollections.

Vicar’s folly sundae – As a darker version of Miss Marples berry themed ‘Sundae Best’, this had scoops of butterscotch ice cream, crunchy honeycomb pieces, Cadbury-flake-like-bar, mounds of whipped cream and hidden at the bottom a caramel fudge. An insane amount of sugar for one person, but perfect to share between a group of sweet-toothed mouths. I’d probably enjoy this more if they eliminated the excessive cream component – but that’s just me.

Rating: Yummy. If not for fond memories of the heavenly scones here, I would possibly have been somewhat less disappointed. It might well be just a rough patch, and they are certainly not drawing any less of a crowd. It will continue to be a tourist destination for overseas relatives / friends, so next time I hope I may be surprised.

[This meal was courtesy of Ms AL]

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9 Responses to “Miss Marples Tearoom”
  1. Chiu Kang says:

    You really have been busy EATING lol

  2. libishski says:

    Hmm, the scones in your photo look MUCH smaller than the ones I had earlier this year. My mum and my sister went not long ago and they, too, were disappointed by the scones and mum went so far to say that the size of the scones were half of what they used to be.


  3. Never been there before. 🙂 I still feel that if one were to have scones, Hopetoun Tea room would be the destination. 😀 At least that is what my mom thought. She said that the scones at Hopetoun were light, fluffy and had a hint of saltiness to them.

  4. mmmm nomalicious photos. I love how cute the place is. What I don’t love it lining up out the front when there are a billion other tea rooms 😛

  5. Hannah says:

    Oh gosh, the “fingers” take me right back to my childhood! And the sundae takes me back to the childhood I wish I had 😉

  6. When I have peeps come down from OS, I’d always take them here. It’s very kitsch! Their pumpkin soup is amazing

  7. michelle – i shall have to try those hopetoun scones then!!

    shellie – yeh don’t like that part =P. but you can just rock up “early-ish”

    hannah – childhood indeed

    Adrian – damn we didn’t have the pumpkin soup =(. Yeh it’s such a tourist attraction.

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