Naked for Satan

285 Brunswick St
9416 2238

Alongside its overtly suggestive name, its décor is similarly quirky, decked out in lurid wallpaper, metallic-copper boilers & shiny decorative centrepieces.

This place offers $2 pintxos buffet-style – with a huge selection of Spanish morsels. There is an honour system involved, whereby you pay according to the number of toothpicks you have acquired at the end of your meal. And if this novelty isn’t enough to spark your interest, at the moment Naked for Satan is selling their pintxos for a bargain 50 cents each at lunch time as part of their opening promotion.

So what is a pintxos you may ask?
Pronounced as ‘pinchos’ in Spanish, it is a version of tapas from Basque Country – an area that straddles north-eastern Spain and south-western France. The main difference being that pinchos are generally larger, served in individual portions and generally come on bread. Given the literal translation of pintxos being “spike”, no surprise that they are served with toothpicks to hold everything together. (wikipedia)

From what I could scrounge together these are ‘some’ of the morsels they have on offer:

Smoked chilli mussels with chickpeas

Left – Tom Cooper smoked salmon; Right – Anchovy and guindillas pickled in white vinegar

Left – Capsicum, prawn & tapenade; Front right – Crumbed eggplant on blue vein cheese

Left – tuna croquette; Right – Pea, marinated tomato and pinenuts

Seafood + carrot, flying fish roe (not sure if I remember this one correctly)

Left – Capocollo; Right – chocolate filled cannoli

And here’s a few more that I could remember but didn’t take photos of …

  • rice ball, cream cheese and quince paste
  • field mushroom on carrot mash
  • skewer of olives
  • cheese and chorizo croquette
  • whitebait with aioli
  • crumbed veal
  • chilli and fennel sausage
  • scallop on green pea puree (there was no sign of this when I was there, sigh)
  • Being a Vodka bar after all, they serve a range of beers, vodka’s, cocktails and cidars. Though there have been raving reviews over their vodkas which are infused on site, it was too early in the day for me to start drinking already – maybe next time =).

    Rating: Yummy – another quirky gem on Brunswick street that offers delightful spanish pintxos. Though certainly not jaw-dropping tapas, but at $2 / pintxos and current lunch special at 50c / pintxos, how can you complain? Easily a cheap but tasty lunch meal.

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    See also: Off the spork; Melbourne Gastronome; Eat, drink and stagger.

    [Photos: also courtesy of Miss JH.]

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    18 Responses to “Naked for Satan”
    1. You finally made it there! Photos are looking good, too! 😀
      P.S. it’s never too early for infused vodka… 😛

    2. oh yum! I wonder when i will finally get there.

      ❤ the photos!

    3. Leaf – haha morning eye opener ey? =P

      Michele – you better make it quick smart before this “50cent” promotion ends.

    4. Agnes says:

      Haha, nice! It looks like there were a few different options from when I went. Too bad the scallop wasn’t there though!

    5. I have to hurry and visit this place before this offer is gone!

    6. wow, this food looks great, I haven’t had croquettes for ages, brings back childhood memories of buying them with my nanna

    7. Penny – yup!
      My restaurant Melb – where did you and your nanna buy them from?

    8. catty says:

      Hehehe I love the name of this place, and i love pintxos even more! Bring it on!

    9. Brunswick is a bit too far for me. 😦 I have to actually make an effort to go there.

    10. I still haven’t made it down here- it looks great. Nothing like tapas and beer huh?

    11. 50C a bite, cant go wrong huh? I’ve heard so much about this place and I just have to get down there!

    12. libishski says:

      Naked cider?! I’m a huge fan of cider so naturally the first photo intrigued…

      Must make my way there sometime!

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