Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie (#2)

Westfield Doncaster store
1st floor, Kiosk 107
619 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster, 3108

St Kilda Store
52 Fitzroy St
St Kilda, 3182

City store
Ground Level, GPO
Cnr Burke & Elizabeth Streets
Melbourne CBD

Being wound up with all the other sleek cafe’s and dessert places all around Melbourne, I had neglected Cacao’s macarons for a while now. But I was compelled to return after recently being named winner of both Melbourne’s Best Macaron & Best Designer Macaron of 2010. This event was hosted by former Masterchef contestant Linda Kowalski and judged by celebrity patissier Adriano Zumbo, Larissa Dubecki and Lady Mayoress Emma Page Campbell. Though “suspiciously” there are a few rival macaron makers that did not participate in this event, hence naming Cacao’s macaron’s as the “best in melbourne” may be a little exaggerated, but we certainly shouldn’t deny their gorgeous macarons all the credit.

I have to admit this is probably the 4th-5th or might even be 6th time I have paid a visit to Cacao’s. Being at Doncaster means its easy to pop by for a macaron fix, and no doubt their macarons are beautifully created with those lovely meringue feet, a subtle outer crunch & soft interior. The ganache is decadent and flavoursome! Anyways, this is more a visual post than anything, so enjoy the macaron porn! =)

Pistachio – my personal favourite out of the lot. An aromatic pistachio meringue, pistachio ganache and sprinkles of pistachio praline – – pistachio, pistachio and more pistachio… i love it!!! The different infusions of pistachio give this macaroon various kicks of crunch, flavour and balance. And it’s not too sweet – Delish!

(left) Short Mac – i love the delicious bitter-sweet aromas that linger on the palate much like how a good coffee does. Paired with the dark chocolate ganache this was a divine piece of work.
(right, top) Strawberries and cream a rather jam-sweet ganache with a subtle strawberry flavoured meringue.

(left) Burnt Orange – certainly did not taste like burnt orange, but had a odd resemblence to strawberry wafers with hints of citrus. Makes me feel like a little kid again scoffing down wafers =).
(right) Passionfruit – sweet-sour passionfruit meringue with a strong dark chocolate ganache. Tasty, but personally I think the blend of sweet and sour in the tangy lemon was much better =).

(left) Hazelnut praline – strong aroma of roasted hazelnut with notes of coffee =)
(middle left) Pistachio
(middle right) Coconut – has quite a subtle taste of coconut. Not as strong or vibrant as the other flavours.
(right) French vanilla – the taste of pure vanilla lingers on the palate for quite some time. It’s very nice, but a little overpowering (rich) for my personal taste.

Other that I didn’t manage to take a photo of… sobs:
Salty caramel – I think the name speaks for itself, with that sugary sweetness from the heavenly caramel ganache perfectly matched alongside the hints of the sea. This is an equal favourite of mine alongside pistachio !!
Tangy lemon – refreshingly sour! I get the shivers with that initial hit of tart, but it ends with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.
Dark chocolate – nice, but not memorable – not sure if it needs a stronger component of bitter to bring it to another level. Rather ironic given Cacao is meant to be a specialist chocolate store.

… and they come in these neat little boxes – keeps all those yummy macarons in pristine condition on the way home =).

Rating: Yummy+1 – mouth-watering worthy.
If I were to recommend some, I’d definitely say the salty caramel & pistachio are a must try!

My questions to YOU : Which place makes your favourite macarons? What’s your favourite flavour?

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18 Responses to “Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie (#2)”
  1. msihua says:

    Which one’s the blue and red one?

    These look gorgeous! Doncaster is muchhhhh too far away 😦 I wish I could have attended the NGV event… *sigh*

    • blue and red – that one is the french vanilla.
      Cacao has 3 branches one in St kilda and one in CBD … i should add that to the post …=)
      Yeh i wanted to go too …sob. AH wellz, my friend informed me of the results before it was even posted on the website HAHA.

  2. Jazzy Pazzy says:

    Macaron porn? *Raises Eyebrows*

    I would be able to accept “orgasmic,” but the above…

    Anywayz, salted caramel is the best and I’m glad ya finally tried burnt orange.

    I would still like ya to try Cacao’s large macarons and choc coated macz.

    P|S: I am still after that souffle recipe.

    • LOLz, are you suggesting there should be a PG / M rating for my blog hahaha =P.
      I didn’t like burnt orange that much unfortunately – did u like it much?
      ooo i shall be trying those!!!
      And i’m on it, actually I’ll go get it now =).

  3. Miss JRG says:

    Ya’re corrupting macz! =P

    I like burnt orange, but pistachio is nicer + macz from Laduree are lovely.

    By the way, ya do not drive all the way to the ct to purchase only 1 mac!

    Can’t wait for Zumbo to open his patisserie in Melb.

    • Actually, mum broke her chopping board and bought a cheapo one for replacement. Then she complained it was not chopping well, duh – cheapo board. So i had to take her to Westfield to buy a decent chopping board (heavy one =)). And whilst at Westfield, i bought a box of 20…. god so much sugar LOL. =P

  4. They look good! I should try to pop by the CBD store sometime… 🙂

  5. I hope their macarons are not too sweet. 😛 I can’t stand macarons that are too sweet!

  6. leaf – macaron SPREE!!! =)
    michelle – some of the flavours are fairly sweet – ie french vanilla, strawberries and cream. But do try the pistachio..mmm. and the short mac is bitter-sweet so you might like that.

  7. Jenny says:

    what camera did you use? slr being repaired, i had the canon… did you use the old sony??

  8. libishski says:


    I’ve only been to Cacao once (the one at GPO in the city) and although they were okay, they were far from the best macarons I’ve tasted so I was surprised when I read that they were rated the best. Having said that, I have heard that Cacao does suffer from inconsistency issues and I have yet paid a visit to the Doncaster store despite living only 10 mins away – will give them a go soon.

  9. Ooh, same! I saw that they won at the competition (tho the competition itself is a bit iffy… ) so I’ve been thinking I should go check it out. I didn’t realise that they had one at doncaster. Even better. I rather track across than into city XD

  10. Agnes says:

    I’m sure half the reason macarons are so popular is because they’re so damn pretty!

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