SaiKung – Seafood!!!

Hung Kee(洪記)
Saikung Hoi Pong Square
Hong Kong

If you have travelled through Hong Kong, I surely hope you have visited Saikung for its seafood – love that huge wall of glass displays of seafood. It is definitely not a novel scene for Asian countries, but the quality here is reassuringly high. Amongst the crystal clear water the fish swim vigorously when disturbed, the urchins are appetisingly deep coloured, the pippies are almost shiny looking and then there are those weird helmet-like creatures with tale on the end (wonder if they are related to shark & rays?).

Walking along the pier, you will be offered a number of choices, and by offered I mean you will likely be politely hassled by the “customer-dragger’s”. Well then again it was probably a quiet, gloomy day … but what does one expect you’re in Asia. There’s a “slightly” more famous seafood restaurant next door, offering similar varieties of seafood but at slightly higher prices.

Given the awesome display it is only right that you the hungry-salivating customer gets to select exactly what you want, and how much you want. So HOW TO EAT: 1) name or point at what strikes your appetite, 2) price enquire, 3) decide on how much of it you can eat, 4) decide how you want it cooked or alternatively ask for a recommendation. Note they will charge you a negligible “cooking/preparation” fee per table. Overall the prices are fairly standard, though you will likely get a better deal if you come with a local, or speak fluent Cantonese – since prices are all “verbal”, no written price tags.

I would’ve really liked to have been game and challenged my palate with some of that “weird looking helmet fish”, but it is on one of these “lone-food-travelling” days, that you wish you had brought along a couple of friends… Anyways, in all practicality I was only able to order 2 items from the whole selection…sigh.

What appears to be a lobster is in fact a relative of the Moreton bay bugs (a HUGE one at that). I had it deep fried and wok tossed with a feisty chilli-salt-pepper sauce – aka 椒盐赖脲虾. The dish came steaming-HOT with a mouth-watering salty aroma of the sea and a sharp chili bouquet. I almost burnt my fingers trying to pull the shell apart… where’s the patience? Clearly there isn’t room for any when one is presented with this. Inside the creamy-white meat was incredibly juicy and tender, with hints of spice and salt coming through. If I had not known better I would’ve thought this was perfectly cooked lobster!!! Mmmmmm. If my dad were there, he would’ve scoffed down all the salty crumbs scattered on the plate with a bowl of rice, but I had another course coming, and plus its slightly too salty for my liking.

Second item: Pippies wok-tossed in XO sauce. I couldn’t pass up extremely fresh pippies that were still happily eating (by eating I mean having their shells wide open with the tentacle sucking in & filtering for food in the water). The pippies were pretty decently sized too, each one having soaked up the mildly piquant XO, gave a spurt of scrumptious seafood juices. I scoffed the whole lot down with a bowl of rice. OMG, I was so full and content!!!

If this wasn’t such a travel to get to and plus there was so many things I wanted to try, I would definitely have come again during my stay!  Tip: do come with a group of friends, so you can order lots and lots of seafood, and be a little more game =).

Rating: Yummy+1 – mouth-watering!!!

Seafood at Sai Kung, Hong Kong on Fun Tourist Attractions

11 Responses to “SaiKung – Seafood!!!”
  1. Clara says:

    it is a sin to make ppl hungry in the middle of the night! >.<
    sai kung is juz 10 minutes drive away from my home hahah
    too bad all my hk friends are used to juz eating in big chain restaurants for the convenience. 😛

  2. Jenny says:

    i missed out!!! didnt even know about this place. i wonder how they serve that prickly ball creature…
    deep fried perhaps?

  3. Clara – shame on your friends… as if CHAIN restaurants… sheesh =P. I’d personally go over there and strangle them awake haha.

    Jenny – sea urchin u mean? actually i remember asking them, and they told me these aren’t “sea-urchins” as such since they werent in season at the time. Must be some relative / look-alike.
    The best way to eat sea urchins is RAW straight out of the ocean… but they are pretty expensive… and i had spent a lot of money already HAHA.

  4. SaiKung is awesome, isn’t it! I have only been there once. The Moreton bay bug looks so delicious!
    Heidi xo

  5. Felicia says:

    The seafood looks so fresh an delicious! Will definitely check this place out when I visit HK at the end of the year. Is it easy to get to by public transport? Thanks 🙂

  6. crushedguava says:

    I’m so glad I got all my Hong Kong posts up and done with a long time ago else I’d have felt the need to complete my log after seeing this.

  7. Heidi – if only i could have it right now =)

    Felicia – i got there by public transport. It’s a little outside the “central-shopping” district, but you gotta do what you gotta do hehe.

    Jianwey – yes indeed, i only wish i took better photos and tried more things =P

  8. OMG! This is where I went for seafood in HK…. memories… it still exists!!

  9. I’ve never been to Sai Kung yet. When I was in Hong Kong, I spent a lot of my time at TST, Central, Mongkok and Jordan. And I don’t think I will be going to Sai Kung in the next trip as well because I still find the areas around Central way too exciting to bring me to Sai Kung, Aberdeen etc.

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