Al’s Cooking – Banana Cake: simple but super fluffy!

A very simple recipe for a deliciously moist, fluffy and very aromatic banana cake! It’s not the prettiest cake, but once you take a bite through that lovely soft interior, I’m sure you’ll forgive the appearance. P.S. I cheated on this one, since this current banana cake is courtesy of mum, though I have made it before with banana and with pears. But the banana-only version is far superior – as the banana gives the cake that rich, smooth and light creaminess to it.

Cooking time: 10min preparation + 38min baking

Difficulty: easy


  • 6 eggs (separate white from yolk)
  • 2 x banana (the riper the better)
  • Baking powder – 1tsp
  • Oil ½ cup
  • Sugar 1/3 cup
  • Flour ½ cup
  • Sultana ¼ cup (optional, I’m not particularly big fan of sultanas…)


  1. Place 6 whites in beater, and beat until firm & frothy.

    Firm consistency: should be firm enough to form small peaks when you run your spoon through it.

  2. In another bowl, squash the banana + mix with baking powder + add 3 yolks.

    I know it’s tempting to add all 6 yolks, but this recipe calls for only 3! Otherwise you won’t get that intended light fluffy texture

  3. Add sugar + oil to yolk mix. Mix well with wooden spoon.
  4. Add flour last. Mix again.
  5. Combine “egg white” mixture. Add slowly and fold through.

    Try not to mix too rigorously as this will knock all the air out and it won’t rise.

  6. Add sultanas, and fold through.
  7. Pour into oiled baking tray

    Any shape tray is fine, as long as there is room for it to rise around 5-10cm. I used a 20cm circular tin. You can also substitute brushing the tin with oil with baking paper if you prefer.

  8. Bake at 1600C for 38min or until cooked

    Please check if cake is cooked with skewer / toothpick stabbed through the middle. It should come out clean and fairly dry (not gooey). Note the cake will rise quite significantly during baking process, but will collapse partially when cooled down given how little flour we use – this is normal so don’t fret.


18 Responses to “Al’s Cooking – Banana Cake: simple but super fluffy!”
  1. Ashley says:

    Mmm, I love baking banana bread so this sounds like a good next progression! Great to see it has no butter in it, more (slightly) guilt free indulgence! Although I spose ALL those eggs make up for it….

  2. substitute sultanas for chocolate chips….. WIN!
    Will have to try this one!

  3. Ashley – apaprently new studies have shown egg cholesterol is not as bad as we thought it was =), average 1-3eggs per day is ok.
    Michele – ooo choc chip, don’t add too much though =P

  4. Um, any leftovers? *hint*

  5. Wow, such little flour – love it, it must be so light! Is the banana flavour super strong? I need strong tasting banana bread! 🙂
    Heidi xo

  6. I love banana cake! Yours look delicious with the golden-brown crust and the softness inside.

  7. Wow this looks so so fluffy! Really like fluffy cakes. Major win!

  8. leaf + celeste : thanks guys! =) tell me what you think once you’ve given it a try.

  9. this recipe is super healthy. AM going to add this to my recipe folders!

  10. Sarah says:

    ooh this looks lovely! I love banana cake of any kind. And I have the in-laws over for dinner very soon and need suitable dessert offerings.. this may just fit the bill!

  11. msihua says:

    Oooh.. i think banana and baking goes so well together.. i love banana bread, banana cake, banana pancakes.. i should be a banana ambassador or something.. lols.. yours looks lovely =)

  12. Yummm….. I love banana cake, I’ll have to book mark this one

  13. Michelle – yeh i didn’t even realise there wasn’t even butter in this recipe =P
    Sarah, Msihua, My restaurants melb : love banana bread too!!! =) thx

  14. Agnes says:

    Bookmarked! I’m trying this. I’ll report back when I make it 🙂

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