340 Little Lonsdale St (Shop 6)
Melbourne, 3000
9670 7113

After reading Thanh’s review on this place, it was definitely a must come! And lucky for me, my friend suggested we come here for a triple-joint-birthday celebration this Saturday.

Again I find myself lost trying to find the place, surely my sense of direction isn’t that bad is it? We walked onto Little Lonsdale via Hardware St, turned left and looked for prominent signs jutting out of buildings, walked up and down the street … but nothing. WHERE IS IT? Eventually we found it, but there was seriously only a very, very small 10 x 20 cm “DonToo” sign frosted on the window.

Inside was small and cozy, very fitting for a “ramen-only” restaurant. There are only 6 options of ramen available, with a choice of 250 or 300g ramen in either thin or thick noodles (for the same price of course). Most of us ordered the Charshu ramen 300g thin noodles, clearly not knowing how filling that would be…

The Charshu Ramen came in a very heavy ceramic (I think) bowl which helped insulate the beautifully savoury broth of chicken, shellfish and seaweed – keeping it HOT! The charshu pork slices were really tender but fairly lean – and there was a LOT of it too. The seasoned eggs that have been so much raved about, did indeed have a gooey yolk, which though cold at first bite, after a short wait in the hot soup it warmed up to a nice aroma. The thin noodles chosen were perfectly ‘Q’ – a good cross between soft-crisp-chewy-bouncy – providing a really nice textural bite. I love a good ramen! This was well balanced with the juicy bean sprouts. Ah, satisfaction!

Rating: Yummy – a pleasant experience. This surely ranks highly amongst the ramen I’ve had in Melbourne, for a very small price!

 … and what does one do after a fulfilling ramen… dessert!!!

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7 Responses to “DonToo”
  1. Ah I agree! I hopped by the other day as well, also after reading somebody’s review. Very tasty and definitely worth another visit!

  2. Min says:

    agreed!! i’d say it’s the best place for ramn in melbourne, actually.. 😀 best balanced skills all around! the flavoursome broth, the perfectly cooked noodles everytime i go!! and that EGG is to die for.. i go back just for the egg……. next time try the miso broth, much more superior in flavour, i reckon… but that might be personal preference…. and the laksa one might sound ugh, but its actually very pleasant with a HUGE prawn…only one that’s just wrong to me is the marinara one.. lol……..

  3. You should try kenzan and ramenya. 🙂

  4. Thanh says:

    I went back twice in two days. It’s pretty good. Go try out Ramen Ya as Michelle suggested, that’s good too.

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