‘Mad Hatter’ Spring Picnic – Melbourne Food Bloggers

It was a beautiful cool but sunny day at Studley Park – perfect weather to gather and meat (oh, oops did I type that, I meant ‘meet’) the 30+ wonderful faces from the Melbourne food blogging community and equally awesome accompanying dishes of course. There was so much to try, and so many people to meet. I definitely did not feel ‘ravenous’ afterwards for at least a couple of hours…

Not to mention there were loads of prizes (including restaurant vouchers, ceramic stones, kitchenware, camera accessories…) to be won for: Overall Best Dish, Best Savoury (1st and 2nd runner up), Best Sweet/Dessert (1st and 2nd runner up), Best Mad Hatters (2 x craziest hatters) and Most Outrageous “Blue” Dish. Many thanks to the sponsors: Nuffnang, Chef’s Armoury , Pan Asian, Chilli Padi, The French Brasserie, JORG, Make My Day, Harvey Publicity. And special thanks to Thanh, Penny and Michele for organising this event.

I’m currently having a lot of trouble trying to remember who made what, and what is what, so just going to post the drool-licious photos for now and whatever I can remember. And apologies to those I didn’t manage to take photos of.

Roasted lamb leg with herbs (Best savoury 1st)

Spatula, Spoon and Saturday: son-in-law eggs (Overall best dish)
Curry puffs (Best savoury 2nd)

Ceviche with pomelo, lime, lemon and orange
Baked risotto stuffed in Truss tomatoes

Themed tea pot hat (Best Mad-hatter), and the many lovely cup cakes!

Sky blue cup cakes
Lemon rind madelines

Turkish Surprise with Turkish fig
Blueberry and Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate chip cookies
Carrot, nuts and oats bar

um… more yummy cupcakes? =)

Edible teapot with chocolate truffles
S cookies

sorry can’t remember what biscuits these were…
Eat me chocolate cupcakes

Brownie with M&Ms… i think?
Scones with lemon curd and buttered marmalade.

Double chocolate brownies (Best sweet 1st) – courtesy of my haphazard baking. =)

Special guest Linda (yupz, from season1 MasterChef)

Just thought I’d add in this final photo of my cousin Thanh – clearly still hungry after the judging had finished! =)

Finally, it was great to meet you all! And you can check each one of the attendees here:

AdrianAprilAshleyBillyCaryn & BrendanCherrieChristyEmanuelaEmmaDebraHeidiJoe & Nicole,  KatKat & JoshKennyLauren, LindaMicheleMichelleMichelle, PennySandraSarahThanhVanessa, Kruppy & LyndaVee.

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone)

11 Responses to “‘Mad Hatter’ Spring Picnic – Melbourne Food Bloggers”
  1. ironchefshellie says:

    Great photos and coverage Allan!

    Nice to finally meet you. I feel like I require a mass amount of sugar after reading your post!

    (PS. my name has 1 L = Michele) 😉

  2. jenny says:

    the cupcake shots look like theyve come straight out of a donna hays/womans weekly recipe book!

  3. Yay! You made my carrot bars look so pretty 🙂 nice to meet you too! So happy I found your blog.
    Heidi xo

  4. A Table For Two says:

    Wow, looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Melbourne!! We could do with bit of sunshine, and the roast lamb, and the son in law eggs, and…. ok I’ll stop 🙂

  5. Great to meet you Allan! You took some fantastic photos

  6. Heidi – well its only easy to make things look pretty when they look pretty in the first place =).
    A table for Two – haha, I could probably say the same about the outstanding creativity and motivation with you Sydney-siders =).
    The sugar junkie – tHX heaps!

  7. berrytravels says:

    Wish I could have been there – it looked like such a fab event! Perhaps next time. = ) All the food looks super fabulous!

  8. Ashley says:

    Wow, great photos Allan! 😀 I might just go devour all the cookies I just baked….

    Was a pleasure to meet you, hope you didn’t go into too bad a food coma at your second eating event afterwards! That’s true foodie dedication!

Check out what others are saying...
  1. […] End result: Seems appropriate to place this at the start, since I assume everyone will probably scroll to the bottom first anyways =P. Quite nicely browned, not quite golden, but still browned. I had a crispy, crumbly layer on top, which literally crumbles with a press of a finger. Now imagine sliding a knife through it! Taste wise, the brownie was slightly chilled and had this crispy exterior with a slightly warm but gooey middle. Small pockets of milk chocolate can be found scattered throughout… providing hidden surprise with every bite. Success or failure: SUCCESS! What did the judges think: They named my brownie as ‘BEST SWEET’ of the day! My reaction: huhz? you really serious? Then I look around see if I’m just hearing things. Best thing is I get degustation for 2 at French Brasserie!!! THANKYOU for all the support & recognition, really appreciate it!!! (See here) […]

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