Effortless meal #2 – warm salad of gooey omelette, tuna and tomato

It’s my final week up in Bendigo – YAY to no more cooking for ‘myself’. In an effort to try clear out what food I have in the fridge this is my haphazard attempt at throwing things together and hope to god it works.

So how did it fair? Not bad at all! Surprisingly there weren’t any tragic clashes of flavours that made me gag. In fact the gooey egg mixed in with the olive oil-tomato-balsamic ‘soup’ at the bottom was a really delightful creamy, savoury & acidic sauce. The big cubes of tomatoes sure were luscious and sweet, and did provide that intended burst of warm juices to complement the relatively dryer tuna. Overall- quick to make, good source of protein and fibre, and sauce was delish! Rating: Yummy.



  • 90g can of tuna (whatever flavour you like, I used plain olive oil one)
  • 1x whole tomato
  • 2x eggs
  • Salad (I used what was left of my mixed salad I use for my sandwiches
  • Dash of balsamic vinegar

Estimated cooking time: 10 minutes


  1. Wash salad and tomato

    Please do wash to get rid of the gritty dirt, the bugs and whatever else that lingers in the veggie crevices. Well in theory they could be extra fibre and protein, but surely you’d prefer a CLEAN salad. =)

  2. Dice tomato into large cubes (or to your liking). I like them big and chunky so that you get those bursts of sweet juices in your mouth.
  3. Heat a small pan with oil (roughly half a tablespoon per egg), and wait until hot.

    Hint: if you place a damp wooden spoon (I use a chopstick, how Asian of me) into the pan it should bubble. Please don’t try flicking water into the pan, this will SPLATTER. This is probably more relevant for deep frying though. Given you are trying to pan fry (i.e. very small volume of oil) it shouldn’t take long to heat up, and you can probably tell its hot enough by just waving your hand over the pan.

  4. Crack egg into pan

    Hint: if you have trouble cracking egg straight into pan, try cracking it into a bowl with sharp edges. I myself have created a mess on a number of occasions trying to be expedient, but ending up with a quarter of the egg down the side of the pan. Such a newbie.)

  5. Now wait until the egg white solidifies (i.e. changes from being transparent to solid white) and the edges start to brown & curl up slightly.

    Quick facts: The purpose of having it on high heat for pan frying is to quickly cook the egg white letting it brown (caramelise) a little but keeping the egg yolk from being fully cooked – end result deliciously gooey egg yolk with a crispy egg white. Please do not apply this concept when trying to poach an egg – that would be a DISASTER! Normally egg white solidifies between 62.2 °C-65 °C, whereas egg yolk between 65 °C-70 °C. This is why we poach eggs at low temperature (i.e. around 60°C) to slowly solidifying white without hard boiling the yolk.

  6. Remove from pan when ready. (Yolk should still be wobbly, and please refrain from urge to poke at yolk.)
  7. Now pour can of tuna and tomato cubes into pan. Note if you decided on using a non-oil based tuna, please drain the tuna and add some more oil to the pan.
  8. Stir gently for a couple of minutes until tuna & tomato mix have heated up, then remove from heat.
  9. Pour a dash of balsamic vinegar into the mix (3-4 teaspoons, more if you like it a little more tart).
  10. Plating: tuna and tomato base at bottom, salad in the middle, and eggs on top to show off those lovely wobbly egg yolks.
  11. Now stab the egg yolk and watch in awe as it oozes down the sides. YUM! Runny yolks are always a plus!

See, it wasn’t so hard now was it? =) Just don’t burn yourself trying to test the heat of the pan!


  • Ideally I would’ve fried the eggs after the tuna/tomato so that it is fresh off the stove. But given you need a clean pan to fry a nice egg, and I was too lazy to clean the pan in between, I just fried the eggs first then used it for the tuna & tomato.
  • Not sure mixed salad is so great for a “warm” salad, so maybe next time try using rocket or something.
  • P.S. sorry I didn’t take any photos. I will certainly add some SOON when I make this again – which is soon =). Clearly this was intended as being a disaster and originally had not planned on posting this haphazard recipe.
2 Responses to “Effortless meal #2 – warm salad of gooey omelette, tuna and tomato”
  1. Well, from the ingredients, I don’t think it will turn out wrong. 🙂 The balsamic vinegar would go very well with the tuna and eggs. And tomato is tuna’s best friend. 🙂 To spruce it up a little, add some pepper and salt on top of egg. 😀

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