Porgie and Mr Jones

*I’ve pulled this out from my old posts, thought it was well worth revisiting!*

291 Auburn rd

Chic and cosy environment with rustic brick walls flanked by patches of blackboard-like walls, which are rightly decorated with chalk-white cheeky-cute “quotes”.



 Toasted banana bread w/ maple syrup mascarpone, fresh banana, berry compote + crushed pistachio – was a luscious, moist and fluffy banana bread which sandwiches a mouth-watering mortar of marscapone, wedges of fresh berries, drizzle of sweet syrup, and sprinkles of pistachio. The composition of buttery aroma, sweet & sourness of the compote and crunchiness of the nuts were absolutely delightful! 17.5/20

Toasted Banana Bread

Croissant w/ ham off the bone, béchamel, emmental cheese + truss tomato – had a crispy, crumbly texture that one would expect of a croissant. The creamy cheese oozed out of the sides mmm! Although, I would have liked a little more acidity from the tomato to help contrast the buttery richness. 15/20 

Croissant w/ ham off the bon


McPorgie – English muffin stuffed w/ ham off the bone, emmental cheese + creamy dreamy scrambles – A toasty muffin with buttery-fluffy eggs and again oozing creamy cheese – delish! It’s far far far superior to any chain-takeaway version *cough*. 15/20 


Definitely a place for frequent visits on a lazy Sunday morning! Be wary, the queues are epic…

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6 Responses to “Porgie and Mr Jones”
  1. Thanh says:

    Good work Allan. You’re going to be one of “us” now haha. And by “us” I mean dodgy Asian food blogger who shoves his big camera in everyone’s faces and snaps his food for ages making his friends wait to eat.

    Love the look of the banana bread, could do with some of that now. American food is so heavy and fatty.

  2. Must try this place out. I have lots of friends out that way and I always like to mix up our brunch meeting spots. The banana bread looks delicious!
    Heidi xo

  3. msihua says:

    That toasted banana bread looks amazing!!! I want some! Sigh!

  4. Porgie and Mr Jones reminds me of porgie and bess of summertime.

  5. Heidi – ah, i should go visit again… but darn i wanna go all the places on the breakfast blog… my head hurts deliberating

    msihua – yupz!!! sure does

    Michelle – i had to google that… =P

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