HuTong Dumpling Bar (Prahran)

161 Commercial Rd
The Cullen Hotel

The fully glass frontage putting much of the interior on display showcases the confidence the owner has in nearly always functioning at capacity. This is equally paralleled by a transparent working kitchen within.


Xiao long bao’s (steamed pork dumplings – 小笼包) – stood tall in the centre and drooped around the sides, highly suggestive of a generous serving of internal soup (meat juices) that lay within. Although the juice was a little thicker & oilier than other places, the overall blend of flavours makes it a stand out.
Chilli wontons – were tasty and slippery morsels of meat, but not overly spectacular – a little too oily for me.

 Fried pork dumplings – again a well prepared dumpling, juicy & well seasoned. The skin however is under-browned, thus lacking that extra crunch in bite. A thinly pan-fried crepe-like base beneath the dumplings gives the dish a little visual kick.

Scallop & eggplant in claypot in Szechuan chilli sauce – Plump scallops and juicy eggplant, but sauce base left a lot of oil around the lips…

Claypot fish-head soup – a simple & refreshing ‘bone’ white broth (a phenomenon that’s present only when fish is cooked rapidly on high fire) oozes with homely warmth. The highlight dish of the night – highly recommended. P.S. be prepared to gnaw away at the fish head (especially those super tender cheeks) to get the full depth of experience & taste of this soup.

口水鸡 (can’t remember the english translation – something fried chicken in chilli sauce?) – is a cold dish. The chicken meat was tender, but was extremely oily and hardly spicy at all. It’s a pity that many places tone down spice & flavour for the sake of local taste – I suppose business is business. This does loses it some points in traditional flavour of Sichuan. However, for the most part the food is of high quality.

food = Yummy +1. Pretty decent value for the location & overall quality of food

Unpleasant: damn upset my desire to eat; Average: palatable but many shortcomings; Yummy: a pleasant experience; Yummy +1: mouth-watering like rain; Yummy +2: exquisite flavours that hit all the right notes; Divine: sheer culinary perfection!

Photos courtesy of Ms JH (some =P).

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8 Responses to “HuTong Dumpling Bar (Prahran)”
  1. Thanh says:

    I like HuTong, but some people have had bad experiences with the service. I’ve still got my photos for the Prahran HuTong that I still have to blog. Can’t even remember some of the dishes now.

    • i’ve been keeping short notes on stuff that i prob might not blog for a while…that way wont totally forget.
      and using word2007 to publish drafts onto wordpress makes life so much easier

    • yeh service is sometimes unpredictable. and i must say although their XLB are tasty, they are a tad on the oily side. wonder if all the XLB i’ve had in my life have juss been “less oily” versions… although I have had them in HK and taiwan at several reknowned places… but then again shanghai-ese flavours tend to be stronger so hm…

  2. Ying says:

    I hate that big door, and hate the fact that Prahran is so difficult to spell.

    but the food is very good. Just demonstrates what simple, elegant Chinese food served at a well fitted out restaurant can achieve.

    Excellent blog by the way.

  3. ++MIRA++ says:

    OMG! fish head soup….that sounds so amazing! i need to learn how to make it.

  4. I do want to try this place. I have heard so much about it! Thanks for your review, I will order the fish head soup now! I hate it when places water down the spice/flavour.
    Heidi xo

  5. Mira – yup! done well, fish head soup is awesome!

    Heidi – yeh, its a widespread, and rather accepted problem unfortunately.

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  • Food RATING scale

    Unpleasant: damn upset my desire to eat

    Average: palatable but many shortcomings

    Yummy: a pleasant experience

    Yummy +1: mouth-watering like rain

    Yummy +2: exquisite flavours that hit all the right notes

    Divine: sheer culinary perfection!

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